Betty Ferreira FCPA, FCMA

Betty Ferreira is the founder of Goodcasting and ReStructure Consulting. As a Social Purpose Transformation Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Betty inspires leaders to adapt, prepare for, and create the future. ​ Betty’s purpose is to inspire government, corporations and nonprofits to adopt business models, values and mindsets that will accelerate a future of good for humanity. ​ Betty provides speaking, training and consulting services for social purpose initiatives in the areas of:- financial and strategic transformation- business model transformation- digital and technological transformation- turnarounds, restructuring and mergers and amalgamations- risk management framework design and analysis.

Betty has 28 years’ experience with transforming organizations and government to help them to achieve a social impact. As a former CEO of nonprofit-organizations and as a consultant strategist, she has worked with well over a hundred organizations and taught thousands of individuals that are inspired to create a future of good. ​ As a speaker and trainer Betty has spoken to and taught thousands of individuals that are inspired to create a future of good. Betty is a gifted speaker, her audiences find her thought provoking, humorous and inspiring.

Known for creating many “A Ha!” moments in her speaking engagements, audiences find that Betty has the rare ability of synthesizing technical complex information and communicating it in a clear, useful and systematic way. ​ Betty has a background that includes a master’s certificate black belt in Lean Six Sigma; she is trained in foresight, futurism, blockchain, agile and human-centered design, and has been a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario since 2013. She received the designation of Fellow by CPA Ontario in 2018.



To Inspire and Accelerate
a Future of Good for All.

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We have decades of experience in developing strategies to strengthen civil society. We have expertise in financial, strategic and digital transformation.

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Social purpose organizations.

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What people have to say


“Betty has a genuine passion for helping leaders work better and more effectively to everyone's benefit. She has the rare ability of connecting technical information with strategy in a clear and systematic way that engages and orients leaders. I don’t like to overuse the word incredible but she is incredibly good at what she does!”


Former President & CEO Philanthropic Foundations Canada


“Betty's training was a dream come true. When I first heard her speak, I realized I would never miss another opportunity to hear her. It was worth every penny. It wasn’t an expense it was an investment. Hearing her speak completely changed me and it gave me the assurance that my work is important.  When she speaks, no one is bored. She just has a way...”


Our Children, Our Future


“All it takes is one time hearing Betty speak and I don’t know anyone who is not converted. There are so many positive benefits to her presentations. From her delivery and her ability to engage, Betty is able to bring otherwise dry, mundane content to life with actionable tools and insights”


Vice-President Partnerships and Measurement, Ontario Trillium Foundation


"I heard Betty speak at a conference and I have taken a training course where she presented...and all I can say is that she had my attention from the very beginning and kept it to the end Betty's speaks are never boring! Even though we covered complex information she made it very easy to understand and remember. I was really impressed with her calm approach and her breadth of experience."


Artscape Inc.